Pet Memorial Services

Pet Memorial Services

Lil Bears Trading Post cherishes each part of life; Before and After Death. We believe through preservation we can honour the life all animals on Turtle Island. Let us help you to cherish your beloved pet through our Memorial Services. We have two different options available and are detailed below.

1. We can receive your pet through personal service. We will properly adhere to practice standards to carefully Skeletonize your beloved companion. This price includes personal pick up and delivery of your disarticulated pet.
For an additional cost we can fully articulate your pet into any format as wished. Ask us about our Artistic options available.

2. We can receive your pet with personal service. With proper care and attention through adherence to trade standards, we will skeletonize your beloved pet. The disarticulated bones will be kept for the purpose of artwork. We believe that we can use all parts of the animal in order to maintain our cultural practices in regards to respecting all life on Turtle Island.
We will personally return your pets Skull at no cost. Ask us about Artistic options available at our company.

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For Ontario residents we offer personal service. 

(For residents outside of Ontario there will be added Shipping & Handling costs)