Meet the Artist


Lil Bears Trading Post is proudly owned by Jake Ouimette. The Trading Post was a dream which encompassed the ability to practice Traditional Indigenous ways and educate the world about animals on Earth. 

Jake is a descendant of Adeles Bear Clan in Northern Ontario. At a young age Jake was taught the ways of being and knowing within the Indigneous community. Jake began by taking part within the community by building Tipis, learning the ways of fire keeper and helping wherever he could. Jake was named by our healer Lee Wind. 

Jake started the Oddity Industry here in Canada, starting in 2013. He built a successful Natural History Museum in Toronto. He spent most of his time taking care of rescued endangered animals in his Museum. Jake also ensured that the animals were treated humanely after death. 

Jake learned the traditional ways of dissecting an animal in his younger years. He has created a way of using these traditional methods and environmentally friendly system to create Artwork from animal Skulls and Bones.